Monday, December 10, 2012

The African Origin of Robotics
The African Origin of Robotics can be traced back to Pre-dynastic Ancient Nile Valley culture.  The body of a deceased person would be cremated and the ashes would be used to make a statue.  The statue was then "animated" or "brought to life" in a ritualistic ceremony called the "Opening of the Mouth Ceremony".  The practice of creating and animating or "bringing to life" statues as part of traditional African Animist culture spread throughout the African continent and also spread to the rest of the World.
In Traditional African Animist culture, these statues are created to house energies and perform certain tasks, which is synonymous to Robotics.  There African Robots have been called by a Variety of names including: "Magic Idols", Juju, Fetishes, Talisman, Voodoo Dolls, Hoodoo Poppets, N'Kisi, Obo, Obia, Ouangas, and Abosam just to name a few...

The deity KHNUM, also known as Khonvoum to the Bambuti people of Central Africa, is an African Creation deity of Robotics.
The African Animist tradition of Robotics has inspired new manifestations of the craft of African Robotics in fact and fiction.

For more information, check out the book "Khnum-Ptah to Computer: The African Initialization of Computer Science" available at

This is part of the History of Robotics. These are the concepts which led to the development of modern Robotics, and Africa is indeed a part of that History. If we can study the History of Robotics, and Asian cultures can discuss their mythology and history with King Mu of Zhou, and European cultures can discuss their mythology and history with Talos, Pygmalion and Hero of Alexandria, then people of African descent should be able to discusses the History of Robotics by tying in African culture and mythology

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