Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spirituality vs Science vs Religion

Does Science Complete Spirituality or Does Science Compete with Spirituality

Outline of Topics discussed:
Is Science Absolute, does it absolutely explain everything, including that which is spiritual?
- Science is the ongoing search and study into the deep mystery of the unknown, to make it known
- Science is never complete, the more you know, the more you know you don't know (symbology of the incomplete Pyramid rising from the waters of Nun in Ancient Egypt)
- Conversely Religion claims to be absolute and claims to know everything via God
- You can never KNOW everything, you cannot know what the inside of your brain feels like, - there is some information that you will actually have to destroy yourself to know
- The God Omnipotence Paradox: Can an omnipotent being create a stone so heavy that it cannot lift it? If yes to either side of the Paradox, then there is something God cannot do, and thus is not Omnipotent
- The God Omniscience Paradox: If God is Omniscient, then God Knows Everything.  If God Knows everything, then this means God does not know Nothing. If God Does not know Nothing, then there is something that God does not know, and thus God cannot be omniscient.
- The omnipotence and omniscience paradox: "Does God know what he's going to do tomorrow? If so, could he do something else?" If God knows what will happen, and does something else, he's not omniscient. If he knows and can't change it, he's not omnipotent.

What is Spirituality and what is its purpose and objective?
-Spirituality as I define it is the collection of practices, customs, and concepts which a person takes very seriously and is near and dear to their heart.
-Spirituality can encompass all aspects of life, from the very mundane to the very deep
-The Goal and Objective of Spirituality is to make one's self "feel good" (calm the mind, ease tension, cease nervousness, end stress, be in harmony/balance, etc)
-Spiritualist use the scientific method to determine which set of spiritual practices they will utilize. Their Hypothesis is, "what feels good and works for me..."

What is Religion and what is its Purpose and Objective?
-A set of formalized customs and practices used to obtain Spirituality, a "Spiritual System"
-The Main Goal and Objective of Religion is to get people to "act right"/behave and most religions agree on these points of "how to act/behave"
-Religion also attempts to explain the origins of everything in Nature and the Universe with the character of "God" (Theos) - Religions disagree on these points
-Religion also attempts to explain what happens to a person after Death - Religions disagree on these points
-Some Religions do claim to know EVERYTHING and do claim to be ABSOLUTE (because of their association with their God character)
-Religion is like a Social Club (Good for the Spirit)/Fellowship
-Religion satisfies the need/want/desire for people to be around Positive people doing positive things and hear positive messages (make me feel good, good for the spirit)
-The Force which brought the people together is irrelevant to the bonds formed
-Unity and Comradery (Love) transcends the truth (people will bond over a lie)
-Practicality and Applicability transcends the truth (people will accept a lie to get food, clothing, and shelter)

What is Science and what is its purpose and objective?
- Science is the ongoing effort to obtain Correct Information (Right Knowledge) about Nature and the Universe
- Science seeks to comprehend and explain Nature and the Universe
- Science is the study of Nature and thus can be seen as a form of "Nature Worship" (the word Physics means Nature)
- Modern Science Grew out of Natural Philosophy (study of nature) and occult practices such as Alchemy, Astrology, and Metaphysics to Chemistry, Astronomy, and Physics
- Science is never complete (new information leads to new questions leads to new investigation)
- Since science is never complete, it does not claim to know EVERYTHING or be ABSOLUTE.
- People may think that Scientists think they "know everything" because of the Confidence (and Ego and borderline arrogance) that comes with KNOWING and being able to Prove and Demonstrate what is known is correct versus the inconsistencies and lack of verification that comes with Spiritual and Religious doctrines
- The lack of "how to act right/behave" within the "Doctrine of Science" - breeds the "Mad Scientist with no morals or Ethics"
- Yurugu by Dr. Mariba Ani speak on the "Mad Scientist" concept
- Science from the Western perspective breeds Atheist, people who don't believe in a Deity and don't see any consequences to their actions, and people who are somewhat out of touch with other people (example the Big Bang Theory sitcom)
- Scientific Theories as Theos (God) which explains things and Scientists as "Prophets" and Messengers of Theories (Theos) in the Scientific religion of the future
- image of the old white scientist with grey hair has been stamped in the minds of people, which for Africans and people of African descent, could be a form of reverencing other than self and kind.
- It is imperative that African people reverence the image of African Scientists like IMHOTEP
- Fellowship in Science, Science Symposiums and Conferences
- words like "the Universe" and "Energies" which are used by Spiritualist are coming from a subconscious acknowledgement of the legitimacy of Scientific information

Why is Science seen as NOT Spiritual?
- Vatican Church vs Illuminati (Religion vs Science)
- Some religions like Hinduism and Buddhism DO see Science as somewhat spiritual
- Church missionaries interpreted traditional African Spiritual systems which are closer to Science, based on their Christian Religious doctrine (Orishas became Gods rather than energies, Nyame became God rather than energy, "High Priest of Ptah" versus a Craftsman, etc - they made it spooky)
- In Reality, traditional African Spiritual Systems are closer to Science (Nature worship, ie Physics)
- Colonizers and enslavers removed the Science from your traditional African Spirituality, then used Science to rule and take over the world
- You can't pray, chant, tithe, and meditate you way into food, clothing, shelter, education, defense, self determination
- If Colonizers and enslavers can get you to believe science and technology is evil and not spiritual, then Colonizers and enslavers can make you dependent upon them to provide you with the things which Science produces
- Your Colonizers and enslavers removed science from your spirituality, then gave you a Doctrine (Christianity) which lacks accountability (Jesus died for our sins) so you won't have the will to be accountable and do for self
- Get back to your traditional African Systems which combined the Realities of Spirituality (Morals, Ethics, Culture, Fellowship) with Science (Truth, Practicality, Applicability, Usability)

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