Monday, May 6, 2013

Spiritual Science Part 2

-    Spirituality and Religion are good at instilling morals, ethics, and happiness in its practitioners but falls short in having the most accurate and correct information.
-    Science is good at having the most accurate, correct, and practical information but falls short in instilling morals, ethics, and happiness in its practitioners
-    The dichotomy creates 2 groups of people: A Spiritual/Religious group who are Happy and Moral People but have incorrect information (which some may call ignorant), and a Scientific group of people who Have Correct information (which some may call intelligent) but are miserable and lack morals
-    Science vs Spirituality/Religion is like "Miserably Intelligent" vs "Blissfully Ignorant"
-    The Allegory of the “Wise Serpent” and “Anansi the Spider – a deity of wisdom who also was a trickster”.  Why is it that some intelligent people choose to use their intelligence to beguile less intelligent people
-    If one of the Purposes of Religion/Spirituality is to put a person’s spirit at ease, ie make the person feel good, then that may explain why Truth is not explicitly given in religion, but rather the Truth is dressed up in mythology and allegory…because Truth hurts.  And if it is true that “Truth hurts”, then this may explain why people who prescribe to Scientific doctrines tend to be bitter…because they were explicitly told the truth
-    "The Invention of Lying" Movie
-    In our traditional African culture, the Memphite Theology which is carved on the Shabaka Stone (which I call the Science of Sciences and the Science in Sciences) combined the best of the Spiritual world with the best of the Scientific world to create a “SPIRITUAL SCIENCE” which included the Morals, Ethics, and Happiness which is found in Religion and Spirituality with the correct, accurate, and practical information which is found in Science.

-    One of hallmarks of a “Religion” is that it creates a system of think by which you can predict a person’s response, actions, and thoughts.  Therefore, some of the non-formal religions which people prescribe to unknowingly are:
o    Conspiracy-ism
o    Racism
o    U.F.O.-ism
o    New Age Spritualism
o    Atheism/Science-ism
o    Pseudo-science-ism

-    Ebony Magazine says "African Americans May be Left Out of the 21st Century Job Market" due to a woeful under-representation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers which comes from instilling Religious/Spiritual values in African American households which do not value the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics
-    The modern-day 'slave class' is anyone who cannot do math
-    Considering the two articles mentioned above, it is imperative that Africans and people of African descent start combining our Spirituality with Science in order to be emancipated from the bondage of being in The modern-day 'slave class' in the 21st Century

-    Space exploration has been privatized
-    Steven Hawking has stated that "Humans have less than 1,000 years left on Earth" or be faced with extinction
-    Considering the two links above, it is imperative that Africans and people of African descent start combining our Spirituality with Science in order to be able to start creating privately owned Space exploration companies to survive any calamities which may come to planet Earth which would require leaving Earth and colonizing other planets in the coming years

-    Many Scientists such as Nikola Tesla and Edward Leedskalnin also studied Mythological, Occult, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Information which motivated and inspired their Scientific inventions

-    An African American Scientist named Ronald Mallett was motivated by Science Fiction and has invented a time machine where he has shown it is possible to send energy/information back in time from the future.  If this is true, then could it be that people in present day who seem to have ESP, premonitions, or psychic abilities are actual receiving information being sent to them back through time from an Information Time Machine in the future?

-    “True Wisdom is not just thinking outside the box, true wisdom is being able to move in and out of various boxes and create new boxes at will”

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