Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mars One - Human Martian Extraterrestrials

* The Mars One program seeks to establish a Human colony on Mars by the year 2023.
Mars One:

* In the first 2 weeks of the Application Process, 78,000 People applied to leave earth forever to live on mars

* We may witness the Birth of a Human Being on Mars

* The Human Martian Extraterrestrial Colonist who are part of the Mars One program will be Evidence of Actual Extraterrestrial Life elsewhere in the Universe

* From Afro-Centric to Astro-Centric, From Afro-Americans to Astro-Americans, From Afro-Futuristic to Astro-Futuristic

* Human Martian Calendar and Time System will differ from the Earthling Calendar and Time System

* Will this lead to widespread Interplanetary Colonization?

* Is this an example of Interplanetary White Flight?

* Will this lead to Interplanetary Gentrification?

* Will this lead to Interplanetary Slavery?

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