Friday, September 6, 2013

African Binary Math Class Syllabus


Location:    Online at

  • A working computer with internet connection
  • African Binary Mathematics Workbook (comes with class)
  • Pencil and Paper
Class website:
   Prophessor A.C.E. (African Creation Energy) “Osiadan Khnum Ptah”
   Phone:    678-235-8148
The “African Binary Mathematics” course will guide students through re-learning, remembering, and applying the way we Africans traditionally did Mathematics using systems similar to Binary code.  Topics covered will include the relationship between African Binary Mathematics to the study of Nature, Converting from Decimal Numbers to Binary numbers, converting from Binary Numbers to Decimal Numbers, Ancient Egyptian Binary Mathematics, Ethiopian Binary Mathematics, Binary Math and Eye of Horus fractions, Yoruba Odus of Ifa Binary Mathematics, Binary Arithmetic, and Binary Algebra.  Akoko nan is the perfect place to reconnect to our ancient works and solve the problems of our community through education.  Join us as we solve the following problem, “How Did Africans Traditionally Do Mathematics”. This class is designed for the entire home schooling family.

Cost:         $10 for 5 week session

Schedule Dates/Time:

SESSION 1: Sunday, Nov. 03, 2013
Title:         Introduction - Binary Math and the African Study of Nature
   The student will be able to:
   • Know the definition of Binary
   • Know the Advantages and Applications of Binary
   • Identify Binary Dualities in Nature
   • Use Binary Symbols to Represent Dualities in Nature
   • Know the Importance Africans traditionally placed on Mathematics
   • Identify Examples of Binary in African Culture
   • Homework Assignment: list 4 examples of Binary Dualities in Nature, create your own symbols for each
   • Watch The African Origin of Mathematics -
   • Watch Introduction to Mathology Mythematics -

  Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013
Title:         Binary Numbers
   The student will be able to:
   • Convert between Decimal and Binary Number systems
   • Use Finger binary to convert between decimal and Binary Number systems
   • Use Finger binary to display values up to 31
   • Learn African names and symbols for Binary values
   • Binary Finger Quiz
   • Home Assignment: converting decimal to binary and binary to decimal
   • Watch Finger Binary for African Binary Math Class

SESSION 3:  Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013
Title:         Binary Math in African Culture
   The student will be able to:
   • Identify primary evidence of Binary Math in various traditional African cultures
   • Understand the relationship between Geomancy and the Yoruba Odu of Ifa to Binary Math
   • Use Binary Math to perform Ancient Egyptian Multiplication
   • Understand the relationship between Ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus Fractions to Binary Math
   • Use Binary Math to perform Ancient Ethiopian Multiplication
   • Understand how the Ishango Bone relates to Ancient Egyptian and Ethiopian Math, and Binary Math
   • Home Assignment: Ancient Egyptian Binary Multiplication, Division, Eye of Horus Fractions, Ethiopian Binary Multiplication, and Yoruba Binary Odus of Ifa
   • Watch
   • Watch

SESSION 4:   Sunday, Nov. 24, 2013
Title:         Binary Arithmetic
   The student will be able to:
   • Add Binary Numbers
   • Subtract Binary Numbers
   • Multiply Binary Numbers
   • Divide Binary Numbers
   • Understand How Binary Arithmetic is Used in Computers
   • Home Assignment: Binary Arithmetic Homework Sheet
   • Watch
   • Ontology Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence -
   • Technophobia and Breaking the Spell -

SESSION 5:  Sunday, Dec. 01, 2013
Title:         Binary Algebra
   The student will be able to:
   • Understand how African Nsibidi symbols relate to Binary Algebra Operators
   • Understand how Binary Algebra is used in Computers
   • Apply the Commutative laws of Binary Addition and Binary Multiplication
   • Apply the Associative laws of Binary Addition and Binary Multiplication
   • Apply the Distributive Law of Binary Algebra
   • Apply the rules and laws of Binary Algebra
   • Home Assignment: Binary Algebra Homework Sheet
   • The African Origin of Robotics -
   • AfroBot - African Robotics and Computer Science -

Supplementary Reading:
•    “Supreme Mathematic African Ma’at Magic” (ISBN 9780557592142) by African Creation Energy  Cost $15

•    “Khnum-Ptah to Computer: The African Initialization of Computer Science” by African Creation Energy (ISBN 9781300498919)  Cost $20

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  1. Love the fact that you've applied our ancestral sciences, especially pertaining to mathematics, and developed a course curriculum to teach it to the diaspora.

    This is way beyond words or just giving voice to a solution; you're actually following through with action!

    This is the initiative our people need to take to get out of the morass of white supremacist induced apathy and stagnation.

    Kudos once more Prof. A.C.E...and MORE POWER TO YOU!