Monday, July 7, 2014

HERU-COPTERS: African Aeronautical Ascension

HERU-COPTERS: African Aeronautical Ascension
 "Up, up, you mighty race, you can accomplish what you will"

"HERU-COPTERS: African Aeronautical Ascension" presents a comparative analysis between concepts, customs, cosmologies, and practices found in African cultures to topics related to Aviation, Aeronautics, Aerodynamics, Aircraft, Avionics, and Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering.


  1. Peace & Blessings,

    Its Beautiful to see African Creation Energy continually pursuing to Empower Our People intellectually! You've broken New Ground with this "Vibe" of Thinking. Giving us Ideological, Practical & Functional Skills to help us Manifest The Nubian Tech Evolution. Keep up the work my Brotha, those with 3 eyes are Witnessing & Experimenting with your works.

    Personally, P.T.A.H. Technology was a great foundation for me. I studied African History in College and glimpsed into the technological breakthroughs we created as a people and was inspired! I graduated with a degree in African History but now I want to take it a step further and study Electrical Engineering next semester. Your approach in P.T.A.H. technology definitely keeps me grounded. With the knowledge your spreading I have "2 Sets of Notes" one to Ace the Test & the other I call the 'Truth!"

    I would love to see you take advantage of the Mobile Learning Platforms like Khan Academy or Coursera. Truthfully, you have the knowledge to create your own but using them as a platform as a start wouldn't hurt. Plenty of Professors have posted Classes on Khan Academy and taught successful classes like Electronic Circuit. And Honestly, your approach with Graphic Images is on a higher Calibur. So I hope you see this and give it a shot.

    #GiveThanks & #BlessUp

    "Your Light has Definitely Sparked My Brain"


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  3. (Hey, I just posted, but may be it didn't go thru. I hope I remember all i said.) I just finished your most recent book, Heru-Copters and I've followed all your blog completely. I am big supporter of what you do and I find all you give as vital. Your book is again inspirational and allows a reader to skip the research phase via the internet and library, to gain a perspective focusing on our heritage and potential.

    With the knowledge then, it becomes important to seek application that furthers growth on all fronts including science, spiritually, and culture simultaneously. If we tackle one alone, then we are in danger of committing the same mistake that plagues America. I was also trained in Electrical Engineering, and left it after working and feeling my desires diminish with the demands of pleasing my employers to survive. The root of our suffering is this capitalistic culture. The same reason you have to charge for a book of information. We are forced to surrender even in the slightest because money still has a hold on our actions.

    Going forward, we have to design and implement in ways that battle this current system of consumption. So with engineering, we can be geniuses in all fields and still create companies and systems that look just like the current ones, forcing ourselves to be sellers of systems. China is a good example of a culture that is closer to a model of sustainability simply because of their control of materials.

    I like to design, however, it is simply an exercise, toying with resources to feel better about my potential to create. We need control of materials and designs, then may be we can employ our own to build systems that challenge the idea of selling a good lifestyle. It seems almost utopic, only because the idea is still a virtual reality we have to bring about.

    Education and training is a great 1st step. The next move is still a mystery because this line of thinking leaves our youth in the position I was left in by my mom; a strong academic background, ready to jump into the system to propagate the systems already in place. We have to challenge capitalism and keep the protocol to ourselves. With that, I'll head back to surfing the web, and try to apply all this information I keep gathering.

    I love what you do and continue the struggle to enlighten others on my end. Oh yeah, you mentioned in an interview about someone using music as an agent to deliver the message. I ended my musical career a year ago, meaning I stopped seeking money with my talent. Although life's inherently difficult separating yourself from the motivation of profit, it's the biggest step I've taken to keep my perspective of what we should be moving toward. check me out if you like...

  4. Masata Khnemu RA here. I am absolutely pleased to see the promoting of things truly AFRAKAN. Perhaps through this vehicle we will realize that things from Islamic and Christian backgrounds pull us away from our roots instead of connecting us.