Saturday, October 27, 2012

Anansi Operating System developed by Raindolf Owusu
Raindolf Owusu has designed, built and launched a computer operating system relevant to Africa. The operating system is known as the Anansi Operating System.  Anansi is a simple unique GNOME clone operating system developed on top of the linux kernel which re-defines the linux desktop user experience.  Anansi is embedded with all the basic software and system wares that will enhance connectivity.  Although Anansi was originally developed first for 32-bit x86-based computers, it is now easily portable to most general-purpose 32- or 64-bit architectures. It is a cross platform.  Oasis Websoft has a developer Kit for any developer who wants to help with this open SuSe/Gnome project.  Owusu, a 21 year old second year student of Methodist University College in Ghana, studying Information Technology founded and runs Oasis Websoft.  He spent over a year designing Anansi which is based on the Open Source Coding and can be modified by other developers to be better in its nature. Anansi is now available for download at the Oasis Websoft website.

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