Saturday, November 17, 2012

Breaking the Spell of Technophobia

Technophobia is the fear or dislike of advanced technology, and complex devices, especially computers.  This episode shows that we as AFRICAN people are indeed Creators, Fashioners, and Makers of Technology and we have a place as the Developers, Programmers, and Designers of the Programs, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Computers that will shape the Highly Technical Advanced Future.

Binary Code is African; The Odus of Ifa are an example of Binary Code; The Drum is an example of Binary Code; "Computer Programming" means "With Ptah before the word"; Cybernetics - the etymological meaning is "the art of governing" - Establishing ORDER or MA'AT; African Statues are built to House Energies just like Robots and Androids; Akuaba are Fertility Statues; Ogun and Nana Adade Kofi are the real "Iron Men" blacksmith African Energies; Hieroglyphics and Griot stories are examples of Virtual Reality; The origin of Technophobia and Techno-Fear-Mongering has its origins with the Religion vs. Science, Vatican Church vs. Illuminati, and Creationism vs. Evolution debates; Technology has already altered DNA; No Human being has been infected by a Computer Virus to date but there has been an Implant in a Human that was infected by a computer virus;  John Henry Thompson comes from an Afro-Centric family and invented the Lingo Computer Programming Language; Philip Emeagwali is a Nigerian African Computer Scientist who developed a super-computer; Herman Chinery-Hesse is a Pan-Africanist from Ghana who is the founder of the SOFTtribe company and considered the father of the African Industrial Revolution

The Ontology of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence:

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