Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jesus found in Technology. Technology and the 2nd Coming of Christ. Hu is your Savior

A portion of the seminar from the "Word Power Black Literature Festival" at Centerprise Bookstore from October 15, 2011, Osiadan Borebore Oboadee discusses the relationship between the concept of Jesus Christ in Theology to Technology and the Science of Religion.

Science "The Father", Technology "The Son", Mathematics "The Holy Spirit",
and the Blessed Mother Creativity.

In the Bible, Jesus is called a "Tekton" which has the same etymological root of the word "TECHNOLOGY"

Mark 6:3 - "Isn't this the TEKTON (carpenter ), the son of Mary..."
* Strong's Concordance number G5045 - tekton

* Both Jesus and Technology resurrect the dead.
* Both Jesus and Technology heal the sick
* Both Jesus and Technology can walk on water
* Both Jesus and Technology can turn water into wine
* Both Jesus and Technology can give you everlasting life


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